In The Mood Polishes…Like A Mood Ring For Your Nails


What mood are you in? Did you know there is a nail polish that changes color with your mood? How 70’s mood ring! Come on, admit it. You had one too right? Or maybe you weren’t even born yet. never fear!

In the Mood color changing nail polish is here for summer! Based on your body temperature, these polishes change color from moment to moment. In fact, since nail tips are quite often a different temperature than nail beds a single nail could result in multiple hues! So now you can look as mixed up as your moods!

My nails in In The Mood 'Loved'
My nails in In The Mood ‘Loved’

Available in three eye-catching shades, The Blues, Envious (Green) and Loved (lilac), they are perfect for hands and toes. Just watch them changes shades as you go from the hot sun to a cool pool! I’m just waiting for mine to turn black like my mood ring would!

In The Mood Polish, $8 each

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Second City Style

Sample provided for review

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