Can You Still Wear A Slip Dress? Here’s How You Can

A few years ago I stated, “I will never wear spaghetti straps or racer back tops or dresses – ever again!” Back in my 30s my arms and shoulders were one of my best features, and even though they are still not bad, my aging skin (and face!) no longer look appropriate in skinny shoulder straps. The look is just too bare for me and makes me look like I’m trying too hard. If you are well into your 40s you may feel the same way! But this season I am happy to announce a new trend – layering a slip dress over another top!

Initially I wasn’t so sure about this trend because it could look as if you simply threw a nightgown over your turtleneck! That’s why I came up with a few tips on how to master this styling technique. You may even have a dress you save for evenings you can now wear for day. The same concept may work for that racerback tunic top you kept but never wear anymore! If you got rid of your old clothes now you have an excuse to shop for a new slip style dress to wear – only this time as a layer!

To make this look work for fall, wear a slip dress stye in a fabric that is not too summery. Try heavier silks, satins, velvets, woven fabric or knits. The under layer needs to be thin, so a silk or chiffon blouse or slim fitting knit top or turtleneck will give you coverage without adding bulk. You can experiment with slightly sheer tops for your under layer. Adding a scarf or a long necklace over the two pieces helps break up the “v-neck over a top look” so you don’t look like you are flying on the Starship Enterprise. Of course another layer on top of this like a jacket or cardigan sweater will bring the look together even more.


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Experiment and have fun with patterns over patterns, slip styles over billowing sleeve blouses, and tunics or dresses over jeans or pants.

Here are some examples I put together including a few styling options.

1. This Halston Heritage Sequined Slip Dress in Black, $169.85 can layer over a sheer top like this WAYF Berklin Lace Long Sleeve Top, $69 or a chiffon Blouse like this L’AGENCE Kendra Blouse, $295.

2. A mini slip dress such as this Fleur Du Mal Smoke Panne Velvet Dress, $398 first needs a pair of pants! Try these NYDJ ‘Teresa’ Wide Leg Trouser Jeans, $134. It looks great with this black Enza Costa Slit Cuff Ribbed Turtleneck, $128, but you can also try another silhouette like this bell sleeve Torn by Ronny Kobo Noemi Top, $223.

3. This Diane von Furstenberg Frederica Slip Dress, now $298.80 can be worn over a pattern blouse like this Parker Annie Blouse, $260 or this DKNY Long-Sleeve Jersey Turtleneck Top in Navy, $250 for a sleek and modern look.



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