How The Western Look Can Be Won When You Are Over 40

In case you don’t already know, Western fashion is a trend, once again. If you are over 40 you may grumble a bit and recall bad fashion memories of everyone in the city (thinking they were from the country) walking around in cowboy boots and permed hair getting ready to ride a coin-slot bull at a bar or going two stepping at a country western bar. Or you may be excited and think “Yes! I kept my cowboy boots and jean skirts!” But whoa partner, think again, or at least take a good look again, because when it comes to fashion, not all things come back again exactly the same way (thank God). This is definitely true of this trend. Here’s how to master the western look.

So what does this season’s Western trend look like, and can you wear it? I think it looks fresher and cleaner and in many cases even more over-the-top than it has in the past. I’m of the opinion this makes it kind of fun, but you should really wear it in small doses. Very small doses. Especially when you are over 40. You will see statement boots with exaggerated toes in white and gleaming silver, studded yokes on shirts and dresses, and embellished handbags with Western buckles, turquoise stones and beads, Beware, it’s a trap. At least if you try to wear it all at once.

There may be a few items to avoid, and you will know them when you see them. For example, you may want to avoid over-the-knee, mirror leather or white patent cowboy boots. They’re all fabulous boots but not to be worn when you’re over 40!


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how to master the western look boots to avoid

The good news is you may be able to pull out a great belt, a pair of boots or pointed mules you kept from the past and showcase them this season. Make it look more modern and wear your embellished belt with a clean white or denim shirt dress, or pair a wild pair of cowboy boots with sleek pants or a new cropped denim style of jeans. The last thing you should do its wear your boots with reverse denim jeans, although the 20-year-olds are on to that style, which is exactly why you should not go back there! Do the exact opposite of what they would do and you are pretty much safe.

Wear your Western pieces with new fashion shapes and you won’t look like you are trapped in the past. What? You did not keep any of your Western fashion from the 80’s and 90’s? No worries, here are a few picks to entice you to get on that bull.

Shop The Western Trend

(Pictured at the top)

Dolce Vita Uma Western Booties, $200

Prada Embellished Western Belt, $860

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Colorblock Button-Down Long-Sleeve Cotton Western Shirt, $890

Prada Folk Cahier, $3,450

Ellery Nashville Piped Satin-crepe Midi Dress, $1,495

Jessie Western Patterned Bucked Shoulder Bag, $640

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