How To Dress 15 Years Younger: Choose Your Fall Shoes Wisely

Givenchy-boots My favorite part of fall fashion is shoe shopping! Recently I took a peek at Fall 2015 footwear. One glance and I was reminded how designers often offer variations on similar styles in their collections and, as the years go by, I am truly grateful! When I was younger I looked at some of the alternate styles as “more comfortable” or “more boring” versions of the same shoe. Now I am thrilled that they are “more appropriate” versions and are perfect for women 40 and older! Yes, they are actually more comfortable, too, but may I add “less treacherous”, “less ridiculous” and even “less expensive!” Designers get it. Older ladies (like me) like to save our money. Here are shoes that are totally on trend, will make you look 15 years younger, and you can also wear them often (as in, to death). Get ready for the compliments! You might not be purchasing expensive designer shoes like these, but the styles will be mimicked and the same principles for what to look for and what to avoid will still apply when you shop.

Pictured above: Givenchy Leather Wide-Heel Show Boot, Black/Red, 4.3″ heel, $1,350


Givenchy Leather Embroidered-Heel Show Boot, Black, 4.8″ heel, $2,695

This is a no-brainer! The “yes” boots are still cool and edgy with the lower heel, interesting red detail and classic styling. The over-embellished 4.8″ heel, protruding sculptural heel shape and tighter and higher bootleg is much more suitable for a woman in her 20s or 30s.

Prada, Leopard-Print, Sandals, Calf-Hair, platforms, ankle straps Prada Leopard-Print Calf-Hair Sandal, Talc (Talco) 3.3″heel, $850


* indicates required


Prada Leopard-Print Calf Hair Mary Jane Sandal, 5.5″ heel, 1.5″ platform, $950

I believe the name “Mary Jane” should no longer be mentioned as an option when you are over 40. And 1.5″ platforms are out! The “Yesss!” sandal does have an appropriate and flattering ankle strap and look at that comfortable block heel! (That’s why this shoe gets the extra sss’s in Yes.). Remember, safety first, ladies!

Valentino "Open" Sneakers

Valentino “Open” Sneakers, $695


Valentino “Open” Sneakers, high-top, $795

Yes you can wear designer sneakers, but a simple rule is to avoid the high-top versions. This is not the time to look for more support. When was the last time you played basketball?

Aquazzura, Belgravia, Suede Lace-Up Pumps, AmazonAquazzura Belgravia Suede Lace-Up Pumps, 2.75″ heel, $725


Aquazzura Amazon Leather Lace-Up Pumps, 4″ heel, $835

Here’s how to do the lace up shoe trend. The Belgravia shoe on the left is simply made for us! The heel is only 2.75″, there’s a zipper for easy on and off, and they lace up to a very flattering just-under-the ankle style. They’re happy shoes! The Amazon requires tying laces and balancing on 4″ heel. Face it, the higher ankle wrapped laces are only flattering on beautiful young legs.

– Carol Calacci

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