How Stars Go From Day To Night: Jamie Chung, Olivia Palermo, Amal Clooney and Emmy Rossum

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Sure, celebrities have high fashion designers at their disposable and many a red carpet appearance on the horizon but there is a thing or two a fashionista can learn about how they get trendy, especially when it comes to the all encompassing transition trend. Besides mixing high and low, one of the best trends showcased by fashion stars are the way they look stunning simply going from day to night. One piece can change an entire ensemble and here’s how:
Layer A Solid Top Over a Print Dress
Let’s do this the other way around. I, like many a fashionista, am a huge fan of the colorful print dress. The busier the better. But I know that this is pretty much the kind of thing I can only wear at night. It’s too much for daytime. Enter Jamie Chung, who People magazine calls a style genius. She’s also a layering queen. To make her Rebecca Minkoff midi dress suitable for day, she layers over it a textured Twenty Tees shirt, then pulls it all together with the dress’s belt. Now tell me you don’t want to copy that look?

Pair a Sweatshirt with a Skirt
Some of us did a collective gasp when tough leather jackets began to be paired with sweet floral dresses at dinner parties. The trend this season is pairing print sweatshirts with dressier skirts. Add high low contrast for effect. See Olivia Palermo, who paired Elie Tahahri’s eye popping downtown cool taxi sweatshirt for Kohl’s with a billowing white skirt. Perfect for dinner parties and a daytime stroll about town.
Add A Hat
Amal Amaluddin (now Clooney) has quickly become one of the most watched women in the world. And, we remind you, it’s not just for her law career. These days, the fierce fashionista, has been photographed in some of the classiest, stylish, and most enviable outfit the world has seen to date. And she wears them all with such finesse. There’s a lesson somewhere in all of this and that is…when in doubt, wear a hat. While already wowing us with her elegant, statuesque form, the topper is the final icing on the cake.
Try to Do It All at Once 
Prints and bright colors and embellishments … oh my! Here’s a tip: be careful when you try this at home. Emmy Rossum regularly dabbles in lots of trends…but this time, she’s dabbling in them all at once. The skirt offers a great day look, if you swap the bright yellow shoes for pretty wedges and the embellished top for a button down or tee. I would recommend choosing only one of the trends for day and then mixing it all in at night, a la Ms. Rossum!
– Simona Kogan
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