Hot New Class at Equinox: Firestarter!

It’s a New Year and you want a ‘New You’ when it comes to fitness, but maybe you haven’t had the time to get started. No more excuses! Equinox introduced a hot new class this year appropriately named Firestarter. This class packs in cardio HIIT training with lightening fast intervals in a 30-minute workout! Burn calories baby, burn! You use your own body weight along with a step bench to push you through innovative and fast paced sequences for a complete cardio challenge. I experienced this class first hand instructed by Julie Bellis at Equinox Lincoln Park last week. Julie showed us the sequences and kept time of the intervals. The intervals of 3 exercises are timed in pyramid fashion, first at 15 seconds then 30, then 45, then back down again 45, 30 and 15. It is amazing how 45 seconds begins to seem like an eternity, because some of the moves are very challenging. You can chose to go at your own pace, I know I modified many of the high impact moves, but with Julie’s encouragement we all wanted to give it our best. Here’s a quick video to give you an idea of what the class is like! (As I said – you can modify and you will still experience an outstanding workout.) The class went so fast I felt like something was missing, (did we do arms and abs?) but the next day I could feel every muscle had been worked, including my arms, back, shoulders and abs, not to mention legs and glutes. Sweetgreens provided us a tasty lunch after the class. My salad was delicious, fresh and gave me all the nutrition I needed. Book a Firestarter class from now until January 22nd via the EQX app or website and take the class. You will receive a $15 credit for your next Sweetgreen online order. Yum! Visit Equinox and get started with Firestarter, offered at Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Loop locations. – Carol Calacci Photos: Equinox and Second City Style What to wear when you work out? Check out the latest looks in active wear here!

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