Holiday Shopping for Fido. Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs…& Cats.


Yikes, I am so guilty of this! As someone who just procured a Coach collar and leash for her pooch, I can attest…Christmas is going to the dogs — and cats — in the United States. Many of the 71.1 million US households that have a furry family
member include them in their holiday celebrations according to AFP. At least I’m not alone.

That doesn’t
just mean buying them a present, but includes throwing them a party, having them photographed with Santa (I’ve done that), or giving them a spa

"Last year, if you counted all the snacks, treats,
gifts and parties that people had for pets from Halloween through
Christmas, they spent almost $3 billion in that two-month
period alone," Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products
Manufacturers Association (APPMA), told AFP.

"People have birthday parties, Christmas parties, Hanukkah parties for their pets," he added. Have we all gone insane?

Humans spend so
much on their pets because they have humanized the furry creatures,
which play an important role in their lives. Empty-nest parents fill the void created at home when the kids grow up, with a pet. Young
professionals who are delaying having families are turning to pets
instead of kids. I’m guilty of that too!

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