Denim Trend: Hardly Distressed Jeans

As any woman in her 40’s or mother will tell you, we like a minimum amount of stress. Even when it comes to our jeans. We know the trend for the millennials are jeans that are distressed and ripped beyond recognition and we just don’t feel right in them. We want to look cool, but not THAT cool.

I bought a few pairs of distressed jeans last year that I thought were fairly low on the spectrum of holiness, but now that they have been washed a few dozen times, my knees are popping out and gaping holes are developing in places I rather they wouldn’t…like my ass. Nobody wants to see that. I cried actual tears when I had to toss a favorite pair in the trash.

So I thought it was time to dial it down a notch. Yes, distressed jeans are still on trend for Fall ’16, but why not look for a pair with minimal distressing or what we refer to as the “hardly distressed jean? This means they have maybe one or two tears, or 3 very small ones, or one mid-sized one at a knee…you get the idea. Now you can wash the hell out of them and not worry that your entire right calf will be exposed for the world to see. Because let’s face it, who has time to find matching socks?


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