Halston Heritage Opens On Madison Avenue

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Forty-five years after Roy Halston Frowick opened his first store on Madison Avenue in 1968, the Halston brand has returned to it’s birthplace. On March 28, Halston announced the debut of the HALSTON HERITAGE flagship once again on the iconic Madison Avenue at 83rd Street. This two-story 4,440 square-foot flagship is a milestone for the brand under the new leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ben Malka.
“We are kicking off a new era for the brand and opening our own retail stores is an important part of that,” Malka said.  “This store, and the others that follow, will allow us to fully express HALSTON HERITAGE the way we envision it today – mixing the legacy of Halston’s style with a modern point of view.”
HALSTON HERITAGE has evolved, grabbing inspiration from the past and integrating it with a modern edge. Its simplicity, sophistication and elegance along with a modern aesthetic form this luxury lifestyle collection. Featured at this flagship will be evening gowns, ready-to-wear dresses and accessories like handbags, belts and small leather goods. Footwear will also be incorporated and is exclusive to HALSTON HERITAGE stores.
Even the design of the flagship pays homage to the iconic father of this brand. Aspects of Halston’s life are woven throughout the store. His love of The Ballet led to ballet barres hanging fixtures in the ready-to-wear and dress presentations. If you go over to the shoe display, the floating staircase from his Manhattan apartment is re-imagined there, and the handbag collection is presented on a wall inspired by the architectural designs in his home.
The opening of the HALSTON HERITAGE flagship on Madison Avenue definitely takes the foundation of the Halston brand and brings it into modernity. It  is an active tribute to this iconic designer and his work.
– Jamie Wilson

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