Fashion Icon Costumes for Halloween 2010

Halloween is almost here! You've probably been invited to at least one costume party for the upcoming weekend and the host is strongly encouraging you to come wearing a costume. Yet, you can't bear the idea of spending more than $5 on a silly outfit. Also, you have no desire to dress in a ridiculous get-up because there always is photographic evidence reminding you of that Playboy bunny costume you wore when you were nineteen. So what's a girl to do when funds, time, and ideas are limited??

Take a cue from the fashion icons of past and present. Use this holiday as a chance to pay homage to the women who are so frequently talked about (positively or negatively) and get into character just by stepping into your own closet. You can portray these women respectfully or you can totally take it to the extreme to poke fun at your favorite fashion tragedies. 

Carrie Bradshaw will always be a beloved fashion icon and you can recreate her iconic opening credit look with a few pieces. Tuck in a pale-colored ribbed tank top to a tutu style skirt(easily made with ribbon and tulle), tease your hair into fizzy curls, and sport your fiercest heels. Also refuse to drink anything but cosmos all night.


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A million women have gone as Audrey Heburn's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' character, but it's time for you to shake it up. Pull your hair back and throw on a black turtleneck, leggings and black flats just like Heburn in Funny Face.


Not everyone can be Anna Wintour, but you can on Halloween. Put on your snobbiest outfit and look down upon everyone all night. Extra points if you get a blond wig with a severe bob.

Lauren Conrad never seems to go away so you might as well take advantage of it for Halloween. French braid your hair at your crown and wear your beachiest dress, make sure to never let your cell phone leave you hand and brush up on your Valley girl speak.

All it takes to be Rachel Zoe is huge couture clothes hanging off your body with some sort of fur on top of it. Part your hair in the middle, get sunglasses bigger than your face, and enlist your right hand man to sport a bow-tie and be your Brad for the night.

Some of these looks are out of respect, some are out of mocking, yet all are completely doable for your weekend escapades. Have any other fashionable ladies that you'd dress up as for Halloween?

-Kat Bremhorst

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