Hairstyle Of The Day: Sofia Vergara's Pin-Up Pony


Ponytails are making a come-back. We've seen them slicked back and poofed up, teased and crimped all over runways in the past few years. It even makes us feel less lame when we resort to this lazy style.

Sofia Vergara upped the ante again with our fall-back hairstyle by making the pony super sexy. Sofia's bumped, curled and flowing pony is the perfect look to creep into your fall-back hair routine. Better yet, this pony is perfect for when your hair has been in a bun all day at work and you shake it out with that beautiful wave in your hair.

Just tease a little back on the crown, closer to wear you play your high pony, pull out a couple of face-framing chunks, touch up with a curling iron, and voila you've gone from schlub to sexpot in under five minutes!

What's your favorite way to wear your pony? 

-Kat Bremhorst

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