Gucci Brothers Launching Handbag Line—To Be G—in Spring


Brothers Alessandro and Guccio Gucci, great-grandsons of Guccio Gucci, will be launching To Be G handbags for spring. They are making it known that they are not trying to imitate the Gucci brand itself explained by Guccio, “We have our own vision.” He continued on to say, “There’s a solid experience behind the project and a structure to support it and we have a specific idea of what the product should look like.” Guccio designs the bags whereas Alessandro is involved on marketing and communication.

Picked as the dominant theme and representation of the bags, was a lily pattern from an original Liberty print. The flower is tweaked with interwoven leather strips. Included in the collection will be many, as Guccio labels them, “grandmother bags” that are small crocodile bags with an added retro pizzazz. A country-style inspiration is also in the talks because Guccio’s companion,Nuria Rincon, who resides in the country, also helps with the designing of the bags.


The handbags retail at a range of $821 to $1,343, and the Crocodile totes at $4,479 and $8,958.

Source: WWD

Photo Source: WWD

-Heather Youkhana

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