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Travel Into The Wild: The Best Ways To Explore Patagonia

You’ve almost definitely seen the iconic massifs of Patagonia before. The image of the jagged snow-capped mountains jutting towards the sky in Torres del Paine is simply iconic – so iconic, in fact, that it is used as the brand Patagonia’s logo. When you explore Patagonia landscapes you’ll see incredible peaks, sweeping plains, and lakes …

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Fountain Of 30 Travel Guide: What’s New, Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires has been described as the “Paris of South America” and it does resemble the City of Light in some areas, with its European neo-classical, Art Noveau, and Art Deco architecture and wide boulevards in some of the central neighborhoods. However, Buenos Aires also has a certain energy that more closely resembles that of …

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Travel: Escaping To Pura Vida In Costa Rica

Let’s face it, we all deserve, or even need, a vacation sometimes. And while traveling right now is definitely riskier than in the past, choosing your destination(s) wisely and going for anything that’s mostly outdoors and easy to social-distance can make a safer trip possible and potentially preserve your sanity if you are like us …

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