Outside the Box Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea: How-To Video

Here’s a super easy way to wrap your holiday gifts, literally, outside the box. If gift wrapping is not your thing, you’re a last minute shopper short on time, or you like to do things a different way, here’s how to present your holiday gifts in a stylish and eco-friendly way. These gifts are wrapped with the presents! There’s no paper and no waste. Watch our How-To video:

Fountain Of 30 To The Rescue: Last Minute Gifts You’ll Love Giving

We all have our moments of forgetfulness, or sometimes you just need a last minute gift for a relative’s significant other that’s attending a family party, a friend’s plus one, an office gift exchange, or an acquaintance that bestowed an unexpected present. Instead of grabbing a gift card (how impersonal), flowers, a bottle of wine, …

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