Goyard Paris Shop Exclusively At Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue

Goyard Paris, Neiman Marcus Chicago
This is exciting news for Chicago luxury shoppers. Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue recently opened a Goyard Paris shop which is the only midwest location in the U.S. outside of shops in New York and California. This beautiful boutique is carefully designed with antique showcases and furnishings as well as vintage trunks from the collection of the current owner Jean-Michel Signoles.
The history of the brand started in the House of Martin founded in 1792 as a company specialized in box-making, trunk-making and mostly packing. It became a favorite with the French aristocracy. In 1834, the House of Martin moved its store to rue Saint-Honoré where it has remained ever since. The company was passed on to Louis-Henri Morel who hired François Goyard as an apprentice. When Morel died suddenly in 1852, François took over, remained at the helm for 32 years and finally handed it over his son Edmond in 1885.
It was Edmond Goyard who turned the store into an elitist institution with an international clientele. Edmond came up with the emblematic Goyardine canvas, which started the “Chic du Chien” or “Canine Chic” range. Jean-Michel Signoles, a collector and connoisseur of all things Goyard, bought the company in 1998. He revived Goyard’s heritage and skills along with his sons, and opened new boutiques across Europe, the Americas and Asia.
The famous pattern totes and bags are made of a lightweight coated canvas that was once useful because of its waterproof properties.
Goyard-Paris, Neiman-Marcus, Wallets, Accessories
The Goyardine canvas design is inspired by Goyard’s family heritage of log drivers. The dot pattern forms the geometric 3-D print that is actually based on tree logs.
Goyard Paris, Neiman Marcus Chicago designs
Special hand painted bags are available with Chicago motifs at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue.
Goyard Paris Hand Paint NM
Artist Graciela was at the grand opening event last week and hand painted special order pieces as well as the Chicago designs.
Personalize your bags with a choice of initials and stripes that will be painted by hand.
New technology allows us to see how different colored initials and stripes will work on various Goyardine canvases. It takes the guesswork out of custom monogrammed orders.
Goyard Paris |  Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue  |  737 N Michigan Avenue  |  Chicago  Chicago, IL 60611  |  +1 (312) 642-5900
Visit Goyard.com
– Carol E. Calacci
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