Going Under The Needle: Watch Me Get Botox & Fillers

It’s a good thing I have little shame and I don’t embarrass easily. That’s why I went where few women might dare to go, and allowed myself to be video taped getting Botox and fillers. Why you might be asking? Well because I have many friends and women that ask me if Botox injections hurt. I want to prove that a little pain for beauty is worth it and that it’s far less painful than having babies.

Yesterday I went to Dr. Brian Cohen at Cohen Plastic Surgery to discuss what to do, the facial line treatment and dermal filler injections to use to help me look calm over the holidays. All the while I’m freaking inside (who’s family doesn’t push every stress button?). So watch this video to see how simple it really is to get a touch-up with Botox and other fillers.


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Check out Cohen Plastic Surgery here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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