The One Item You Need To Look Like You Are In The Christmas Spirit…

So you’re staring into your closet at a sea of black and it’s black you like to wear. Truly. But how to you give it a holiday lift? Easy. You add some glitter, sequins or rhinestone shoes! That’s right. Glittery shoes not only make you (the wearer) happy, but they cheer everyone else around you and make them happier too. Trust me. When it comes to Christmas parties or even New Years, nothing says “let’s get this party started!” more than a pair of sparkled or bedazzled shoes or booties. Don’t believe me? Just tale a look at the treasure trove I found below. The best part is, they are so on trend you can wear them into February too. So if you are not willing to take a risk with your clothing, at least do so with your shoes.

Happy Holidays and party safely…by sparkly.


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