Frank Body: Coffee With Your Cream, Anyone?

Frankly (ehem) I was not very familiar with the story behind this natural skincare line until I met the Frank Body co-founders Bree Johnson, Jess Hatzis and Erika Geraerts. They were recently in Chicago on a tour to promote their natural coffee-based skincare company all around the U.S. These lovely ladies from Australia all met at University. They studied journalism (thus the wittiness of the branding), and marketing and they all had the desire to start an online business together, but did not know exactly what that business should be. Here’s how the coffee meets cream business began. Bree’s boyfriend was running a coffee shop and women from a nearby spa kept asking him for used coffee grounds. So they did a little research to figure out why the women were using coffee grounds for body scrubs. They soon discovered all the benefits of coffee for the skin. They also learned the coffee should not be brewed first, and that no one else was making skincare products with coffee grounds! So they discovered their business. In case you were wondering, the boyfriend became one of the founders, too and no, his name is not Frank. I asked.
Bree Johnson, Jess Hatzis and Erika Geraerts
So what about Frank Body products? I had the opportunity to try some of the products and admit it was rather fun “getting dirty” with them! The Original Body Scrub has the aroma of fresh coffee grounds with chocolate. It comes in a basic pouch and it stays in tact you grab it out of the bag because the coffee is mixed with almond oil and vitamin E. The scrub goes right down the drain in the shower when you rinse, so the dirty part does not last! This makes a fun alternative gift for any woman you know who is a coffee lover (and has dry skin). The prices are very reasonable (from $14.95 for the scrub to $24.95 for the balm) which the founders said they intend to keep that way. Frank-Body-Gifts The product branding has a young cool-girl vibe, but the ingredients are effective for aging skin. My skin is extremely dry and the Body Balm has tiny little moister capsules that burst with oils as you rub them into your skin without greasiness. And the Body Cream (I kid you not) smells like cookie dough. Other women at the event thought it had the aroma of cake frosting. Either way, it is simply yummy to smell and yummy for your skin, too. Frank Body is only available online at – at least for now! After the U.S. tour you will probably see it in stores too! – Carol Calacci Products received for review but the opinions are my own.

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