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Although I didn’t make it Coachella this year, I quickly secured my tickets for Lollapalooza and Pitchfork to make up for it.  Plus, there are a million street fests in Chicago each summer, so the opportunities to display effortless style are endless. I’m already planning my summer festival outfits with a little help from these celebs.
Diane Kruger kept it basic and elegant with perfectly composed summer essentials: a racerback tank, crinkled maxi skirt (Diane wore the Zara skirt, but I also love this chiffon rendition), gold studded belt, espadrilles, turquoise necklace, bracelets and a summer fedora.  I absolutely adore the simplicity of this ensemble.
Vanessa Hudgens beat the heat by taking the “barely there” route.  She showed off her rockin’ bod in a triangle bikini top and breezy palazzo pants. For this unfussy boho look, it’s all about the accessories: big sunglasses, a floppy hat and the right jewelry.  The key here with the jewelry is to pile on several necklaces and finish off with a few bracelets.  She has a lot going on, and I love that it’s not all matchy-matchy.  She chose feathersturquoise, what appears to be some sort of pouch necklace, a stack of colorful bracelets, and a unique gold arm band.  “Important” note: I sported a silver arm band to my 8th grade dance – you could say I was ahead of the times.  She was smart to choose comfy flat sandals for a day of dancing and being on her feet.
A lace crop top makes Isabel Lucas80s dress feel fresh and current. (I’m certain my mom had one in every color, including blue denim). The fact that she’s barefoot and has very few accessories but somehow remains fashion-forward is really quite a feat (pun intended).
Never did I ever think an American flag sleeveless shirt and cutoffs would make my best dressed list! This could have gone all wrong in a 4th of July trashy way, but my girl Kate Bosworth chose the right proportions and accessories to pull off this ultra cool look.
Sienna Miller is one of my go-to style icons, and she is really in her element in this scene. The funky hat, the romper, and the slouchy boots hit all the right notes.  Since it can be a pain to carry a purse at concerts, I love the idea of a belt with a pocket.  And are you kidding me with that adorable safety pin closure?!  Love that punch of whimsy.
Spotted: Alessandra Ambrosio in the same wide-brimmed floppy hat as Vanessa!  It’s a “Who Wore it Better” throwdown.  I like the look so much, I decided to share another version with you.  In this environment, you can get away with things that you might not otherwise explore.  Exhibit A: see-through white top with a black bra.  The fringe on the bottom of her shirt works unexpectedly with the black crochet vest.  Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you how gaga I am over the Native American trend happening right now, so you can imagine my delight at Alessandra’s chevron beaded earrings and dream catcher necklace.  Forever21 has a lot of cool pairs – and at prices between $2.80 and $10, I’ve stocked my jewelry box with about 20 of them.  Although you can barely see them peeking out from under her top, a pair of short denim cutoffs are to festival fashion what beer is to festival fare.
One thing I really love about music fest style is that you don’t have to have the paycheck of a celebrity to look like a natural in the scene.  Anyone can look amazing in a designer dress for a red carpet event with a full crew of stylists and hair and make-up people. It’s when you can put together a winning look with easy, everyday basics spruced up with practical accessories that really impresses me.  This is the one time where you cannot easily distinguish the celebrities from the other amazingly fashionable festival goers, so I raise my beer in a plastic cup to all of you!
Diane Kruger: American Apparel Chiffon Double-Layered Full Length Skirt, $58
Vanessa Hudgens: River Island Tribal Printed Palazzo Pant, $43.08
Isabel Lucas: Gone to the Grasslands Dress, $54.99
Kate Bosworth: UNIF American Flag Fringe Tee , $79
Sienna Miller: Kimchi Blue Henley Romper, $59
Alessandra Ambrosio: BB Dakota Stevens Black Sweater Wrap, $73
—Kate Michalowski
Image Layout: Jillian Jaslowski

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