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An odd thing happens in NYC under the tents…the paparazzi literally tear across the floor to snap pictures and stick microphones in a famous person’s face. You don’t even bat an eye after the first day. Mainly because you are focused on getting to your next show or if you are like me (and apparently like many others there after speaking to others) you have no clue who the ‘celeb du jour’ is!

Case in point:


Waiting for Reem Acra to start the cameras went nuts over this pregnant woman. Everybody sitting around me was like "who is that?" I later learned…Vanessa Trump. That’s Donald Trump Jr.’s wife. Famous for? Marrying a Trump.


Ester Nash. No idea.


Leven Rambin. Looked her up. A soap actress on All My Children. I don’t watch soaps.


Amy Fine Collins. Author of a few Style books.


Howard Stern’s girlfriend, Beth Ostrosky


The Nanny


Patrick McDonald. Certainly intersting right? He is a fashion writer with facinating style and eyebrows.


Linda Wells. Wait! I know who this is. She wrote one of my favorite cookbooks, Bistro Cooking. The best leg of lamb recipe ever! OK, she’s cool.


Joan Jett at Betsey Johnson…cool.

New Yorker’s love their society gals. They make photographers flutter:


Tinsley Mortimer

Disturbing Trend: Massive Fur Hats




It is not so much the hats that are offensive, but that most don’t take them off during the shows making viewing a little difficult for those sitting behind the cats perched on their heads.

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