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I love Jill Stuart. Period. Complete with a french remix of The Who’s "My Generation," her cheeky and ambitious fall collection reminds me of Blow-Up’s cinematic ode to Mod. But for those whose fascination isn’t voyeuristic, fashion photographer, model murder-mysteries from the 60’s (with a complimentary Redgrave, of course), think of it as a dark spin on the optimism of Mod. With lots of leather and dramatic oversized dresses, Stuart captures the mood and ambiguous past with her triptych of black, cobalt blue and purple (with a bit of white peeking out under dresses and beneath black appliques).

Colors and Materials: Purple, cobalt blue, black and white (and yes, this includes the extremely pale arms, legs and face of eerily smiling or straight-faced models). Black wool dresses are adorned with chic sequins, patent leather makes you want to misbehave and even fur-lined jackets somehow add to the somewhat surreal ensembles.

Key Looks: There is an abundance of sleek, chic black vertical lines with her use of skinny pants and fitted shirts and blouses. Mod dresses in patent leather, or super-saturated purple or blue are highlighted by giant black buttons, patent leather trim and large, almost mocking polka dots. Fur hats and long leather gloves and patent booties make us want to suffer to be beautiful.


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