Fashion Week 2007. Tracy Reese Went For Baroque and Won. Second City Style Fashion Blog

Summary: Tracy Reese has grown up. In fact, it looks like she has positioned herself to grow her brand into the likes of former classmate, Marc Jacobs. From legwear with Hue, to nail polish with Sally Hansen, the name Tracy Reese is beginning to show up everywhere. Judging by her Fall ’07 runway, one can see why. Her "Belle" collection was tight, concise, cohesive and very wearable. One of the best thought out collections seen thus far.

Color Palette: bone, cloudy gray, silver, strawberry, rose, magenta, hershey, navy, black

Textures & Details: Silver tweed, silver lame, boiled wool, merino wool, grosgrain, jersey, herringbone, bows, beads, graphics, polka dots, jacquard


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Key Looks: grosgrain a-line jacket and tux shorts, drop waist frocks, tulle over sequins, silver lame pleat front tunic, black/bone herringbone a-line jacket and pant, puffed three-quarter sleeved herringbone coat, two tone 60’s shifts, 80’s style magenta ponti puff chemise, glazed jacquard skirt, trapeze smock dress, big grosgrain bows in pulled back hair, opaque & sheer striped or polka dot legwear, black plastic chunky bracelets.


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  1. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy!
    Oh, Tracy Reese! How I do love thee! Your romantic and whimsical designs are the ultimate in feminine chic. I was “ooooing” and “aaaahing” from start to finish. With a plethora of flattering full cuts, bubble bottoms, delicate patterns, billowing sleev…


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