Fashion Forward. Fall Fashion Preview and Predictions 2007/08: Truth, Beauty and Goodness on the Runway. Second City Style

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week only a little over a week away, we thought we’d take a look back at the last fall 2006 season, as well as what’s coming for spring 2007 to see how color, shape and form evolved in the hands of the industry’s most influential designers. Given their progression we anticipate the Fall/Winter 2007/08 season might embrace the sheen and texture of the futuristic metallics from this spring but keep a soft, urbane look with an edge but also an air of sophistication.

But don’t take our word for it.

According to the The Style Council (, the outlook for Women’s Fall / Winter 2007-08 includes four main themes: Ornament, Battledress, Portrait of a Lady, Midnight Masquerade. Sources at The Color Association ( agree, suggesting that womenswear for 07/08 will "explore the subtlety and sophistication of complex colors," and suggest that the "quiet sensuality signals a movement away from the girlish looks of previous years." Suggesting a classical music theme with color stories such as "Opus," interlude," and "Staccato," they perfectly predict what Dior’s John Galliano just revealed in his spring/summer Parisian Couture show, an ode to Madam Butterfly. With the trickle-down fashion economy of couture NYC’s fall RTW lines won’t be far behind.

Their palette postulation: deep blues, true red, amber and Victorian grays and lavenders. Their words to watch: elegance and unusual combinations. "Refined Art Deco geometrics as well as expressionistic nature patterns, inspired by Gaudi, will match the feeling of this palette perfectly. The overall softness suggests complimentary finishes like heathers and distressing," says TCA.

Ghosts of Seasons Past


Marc Jacobs, Fall 2006


Marc Jacobs, Spring 2007


Chaiken, Fall 2006


Chaiken, Spring 2007


Luca Luca, Fall 2006


Luca Luca, Spring 2007


Phillip Lim, Fall 2006


Phillip Lim, Spring 2007


Stella McCartney, Fall 2006


Stella McCartney, Spring 2007


BCBG, Fall 2006


BCBG, Spring 2007


Chloe, Fall 2006


Chloe, Spring 2007

–Joanne Molina of Second City Style

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