The Secret of St. Germain

The Secret of St. Germain

The Secret of St. Germain

Sat, 2007-01-27 12:00

Gabbie Perez

Rue du Bac is the shopping street of St. Germain. Located in its heart, it is a major vein for retail. You can find everything here from home accessories to men’s wear on this two mile long shopping haven.


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Where to begin…
Start at the corner of rue du Bac and rue de Sevres at the venerable Bon Marche (metro: Sevre-Babylone). My new favorite European label is Madame a Paris (found on the first floor). Their comfortable and casual ready to wear is great for going-out dresses and tops. Also, check out their line of jeans (from corduroys to dark wash to pre-faded, you will find something you like!). Moderately priced and worthy of praise!

Continuing north on Rue du Bac, you will find Les Opticiens du Bac (92 rue du Bac). Looking for funky eyewear? This is the hot spot! My personal choice is the tortoise shell circle frames a la style editor Carrie Donovan (very popular in Paris). This small shop is also fantastic for vintage sunglasses.

Just two blocks down is my favorite boutique in Paris, Allison (83 rue du Bac). Stocked with the hottest clothes, shoes, and accessories, this shop epitomizes Parisian chic. Great place to find the latest from the European label Maje and See by Chloe. Do not miss the fabulous (albeit limited) selection of skull jewelry by Sophie de Paris.

Wanting to fill your cabinet of curiosities? The final stop of the street is at Deyrolle (46 rue du Bac). Do not be fooled by the mannequins, this Parisian taxidermy shop (since 1831) has more to offer than stuffed zebras. You can find the most unique gifts in here, such as 18k gold pinking shears, intriguing coffee table books (lots on the natural sciences), and funny aprons (which they like to dress the animals in). Check out this shop for all things strange and much more.

P.S. My advice to anyone wanting to travel to Paris: come for the sales! “Les soldes� only happen twice a year (thanks to French laws) and run from mid-January to mid-February and then again in July. If you are coming to Paris to shop, this translates into BIG savings!

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