Check Out Our Fashion Week Parody On Instagram

We decided to have some fun in the name of fashion this fashion week on our Instagram account (@fountainof30). Why can’t a 40-something lifestyle blogger walk the fashion week runways? Carol and and I had the brilliant idea to overlay my head on models walking the runway during New York Fashion Week Fall ’17 and now we are continuing our Fashion Week parody on Instagram through London and Milan.

Of course it’s absurd that an average, 40-something-year-old woman can walk in some of the most sought-after shows (unless you look like Christie Brinkley), but why can’t women of a certain age have some aspirations, and a few laughs? Fashion takes itself way too seriously anyway. We can still dream and it’s so much better dreaming in beautiful clothes.

So be sure to head over to our Instagram account to watch me make a complete fool of myself on all of the world’s fashion week runways. Who knows? I may pop up at The Oscars too.


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