How To Choose Everyday Jewelry For Women Over 40

You’ve probably read a bunch of pieces entitled “5 pieces of jewelry every woman should own” or similar and they probably all recommend a strand of pearls and a pair of basic diamond (or diamond-esque in appearance) studs. While we love pearls and all kinds of bling, we know that jewelry, especially everyday jewelry, is a very personal choice.

Perhaps jewelry is the most personal choice of all our accessories and clothing, so there is literally no one-size-fits-all. Maybe you are a pearls girl after all, or maybe you love a big statement necklace or cocktail ring at any time of day. Or maybe you stick to your smartwatch or don’t regularly wear any jewelry at all!

One thing we do know is that our jewelry wardrobes have certainly changed over the years. Even if some of the pieces have stayed the same, how and when we wear them has shifted. 


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For instance, we might layer our necklaces now, with several pendants or talismans that have personal meaning worn at the same time. Or we might have upgraded our rings with bigger stones or chunkier shapes, or added eternity bands. And then there is the whole genre of smart jewelry like Fitbits, Oura rings, Bellabeats, and various smartwatches. 

How do you decide what pieces you’ll wear every day? We don’t have all the answers (even when it comes to jewelry), but here’s what we find ourselves gravitating towards now…

How To Choose Everyday Jewelry For Women Over 40


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Smart Jewelry

It was almost inevitable that our jewelry would go high-tech. While we aren’t fans of bulky smartwatches with every look, there are a lot of options that are downright glamorous. For instance, the Fitbit Alta bracelet is super sleek and would look great with everything – you could stack it with some bangles or beaded bracelets for an arm party throwback look, or wear it on its own and keep things minimalist. 

If you already have an Apple Watch, why not change it up with a new band that looks more like a bracelet? We’re fans of this silver-tone one from The Posh Tech but there are literally tons of options. 

Remixed Pieces

If you were gifted or purchased a piece that you no longer love to wear but still has actual monetary value, why not work with a trusted jeweler to use the metal and stones to make something you treasure wearing? Remaking or repurposing heirloom pieces or similar items is becoming a major trend and that way you can get exactly what you want. 

Personal Talismans

Speaking of treasures, there’s something to be said for necklaces, rings, bracelets, or other jewelry that simply makes you feel like a badass or has some real meaning behind it. Whether it is a birthstone necklace that has your children’s (or siblings, or BFFs)’s birthstones, a charm picked up while traveling to a spectacular destination, or an emblem that reminds you of who you are, we find ourselves choosing jewelry more by how it makes feel versus how it looks with our outfit that day. 

For instance, this gold Verseace Medusa pendant could serve as a symbol of your voice and power, or choose goddess Athena with a sapphire for courage from Common Era. If you like the birthstone idea, try getting something custom like this piece from Etsy seller Bedrock Bijoux that’s a little different from the typical options. 

Multiple Ear Piercings

If one set of earrings is good, more is better! The multi-pierced look is here to stay and its not just for the TikTok generation. The trick? Keep things higher-end, subtle but a little interesting (we love the Maison Miru options, like these opal studs) and work with your piercer to create a customized look. Can you get away with this at most offices? Probably with the right jewelry! 

Less Matching, More Mixing

While we used to care a lot about matching metal tones and ensuring that our jewelry looked more like a set, that’s gone by the wayside and we focus on curating pieces that speak to us and to each other. Need something to tie it all together? Try a two-tone piece like this bracelet from AllSaints or any other two-tone or tri-color piece (for instance, you could go all-out and invest in the Cartier Trinity ring!). 

Shop Everyday Jewelry

Fitbit Alta, Accessory Band, Metal Bracelet, Silver, $74.99

The Posh Tech Beaded Apple Watch® SE & Series 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 Bracelet Watchband, $40

Versace Medusa Biggie Necklace, $550

Athena Goddess of Courage Necklace with Sapphire, $320

BedrockBijoux Custom Birthstone Necklace, from $30

Maison Miru Wish and Hope Opal Studs in Sterling Silver, $120

AllSaints Thin Carabiner Bangle Bracelet in Two Tone, $85

Cartier Trinity ring, classic White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, $1,420


How has your jewelry perspective changed as you’ve gotten older and wiser? Do you wear bigger pieces now? Do you gravitate more towards the classics or have you gotten bolder and funkier with your preferences? Or do you eschew jewelry altogether except for special occasions and maybe a wedding band or set? 

Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook Group and show us your favorite pieces – and the story behind them!

–Jacqueline Zenn

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