Engagement Rings Perfect for Women Over 40

OK everyone, this column is going to be a little different this time. As a very recently engaged woman (YAY!!) who checks the 35 and above age box, I’ve been floating in a whole new world. It’s a world of wedding planning (well…not quite yet), and congratulatory phone calls, texts, lunches and dinners. It’s not always something you can prep for. One thing that I did not want to be caught off guard about was the ring! I did my research like a fiend because I’m a woman who knows what I want. Also, if we are spending the financial equivalent of a small car on something that I will be wearing on my finger, it’s going to be right for me! So I figured, let’s have some fun and take a look at engagement rings perfect for women over 40. And let’s not forget, it’s engagement season, so we are right on time!

Engagement Rings Perfect for Women Over 40

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Classic and Timeless

First and foremost, the classic solitaire. This ring is my personal favorite and what I chose! It’s timeless and will withstand the test of time, every time. Choose any shape of diamond or gemstone you want and mount that baby on a platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold setting. You’ve got an automatic show stopper. What immediately comes to mind for many is the classic Tiffany & Co Tiffany Setting solitaire and its quality on all levels. But don’t be deterred if you are not working within a Tiffany & Co budget. You can procure a classic solitaire in a Tiffany-style setting from almost any jeweler or jewelry store, like this solitaire diamond ring from Luxurman.

A Little Unexpected

I’ve always loved a lady who wanted a little something unexpected. I think it takes a true style maven to go that route with an engagement ring. I love to see unique shapes, stones and details you don’t see in traditional engagement rings. This Rose Cut Diamond with Rhodium Halo is the perfect example.

Color Pop

Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. Some ladies prefer other stones out of personal preference or for ethical reasons. There is nothing wrong with going the gemstone route for your engagement ring. Gemstones are just as brilliant and beautiful as diamonds. They can show off your vibrant personal style and still be classic. I think this Emerald Cut Ruby ring and this Round Cut Tourmaline ring from Gemvara are non-traditional but incredibly classy. They are both elegant choices for the soon-to-be bride over 40.

Keep It Simple

Who says you have to have an engagement ring at all? I know plenty of ladies who kept it simple and just used a wedding band as a one and done solution. Try a classic eternity or half eternity band like this 2 ct Eternity Band from Macy’s. Or opt for a five or seven stone ring for a little more bling like this classic Asscher cut diamond ring. I personally love the idea of a band to symbolize your love. As the years go by, add a new one to your stack! There’s no wrong way to do it!  

Shop Engagement Rings for Women Over 40

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 0.75ctw, Now $2884.49

Brilliant Earth 18K Yellow Gold Dusk Diamond Ring (3/4 ct. tw.), $2,990

Gemvara Emerald-Cut Flora Ring (7mm gem) Ruby, $6,145


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Gemvara Adelide Ring Round Cut Tourmaline, $2,755

Macy’s Sizeable Diamond Eternity Band in 14k White Gold (2 ct. t.w.), $5,300

Blue Nile Classic Asscher Cut Five Stone Diamond Ring, $12,900

Do you agree with my engagement rings perfect for women over 40 picks? What style engagement ring do you think is perfect for women over 40? –Carmen Turner Read more of my Wearable Trends posts including Trend Report: Put On Your Racing Stripes! and How To Wear A Jumpsuit: The All-In-One Outfit. Top Photo: Tiffany & Co Are you following Fountain Of 30 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? We’ve got lots going on, so join in on the fun! Subscribe to our newsletter here.  You don’t want to miss a post and promise not to bug you to death. Oh and we also started a Facebook Group called Aging Backwards! for women to discuss everything good and bad about being over 40.   Engagement Rings Perfect For Women Over 40

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