Earth Day Can Be Kind of Fabulous…365 Days a Year

OK, Earth Day does not mean that we have to wear skirts made out of hemp. Nor do you need to use moisturizer that can also double as salad dressing. Here are some Earth Day fabulous style finds that look great, actually work, and also happen to be earth-friendly.

Earth Day fabulous style finds Camille Rose Sweet Ginger

Oh, Sweet Ginger

Check this out this hair cleanser from Camille Rose.  A simply delicious hair cleanser with natural notes of sweet ginger and lemon peel. It’s an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and for only $10, it is easy on the wallet as well. You may also like my picks of natural-ish dry shampoos, too.

Earth Day fabulous style finds Basket Bag


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Basket Case

We love this Sensi Studio basket bag because straw handbags are sooo on trend. Yet it also totally works for Earth Day, agreed? Sensi Studio’s beige toquilla-straw iteration feels particularly modern. It’s handwoven to a bucket-like silhouette with two cut-out top handles and a contrasting black lower-half and base panel. Then it’s finished with a black batiste interior that secures with a drawstring closure. Carry it against a backdrop of floral-printed silk for a final artisanal flourish. 

Earth Day fabulous style finds Herbatint Hair Color Gel

Color Those Locks…Naturally

Herbatint is super-safe, effective, permanent hair color. It is free of alcohol, ammonia, parabens and fragrance, and fortified with eight certified organic herbal extracts—for a natural and vibrant look that’s rich in highlights. Hair regains brightness, vitality, elasticity and shine. Plus it’s the only hair color dermatologically tested on sensitive skin! It is both gentle and effective. We say yes, this is perfect for Earth Day and every day for that matter. 

Earth Day fabulous style finds Anatomy of a Fragrance

You Smell So Good

How could something that smells so good be vegan and cruelty free? Thanks to Anatomy of a Fragrance, we can have the best of both worlds in one, beautiful bottle. You can chose form scents like Honey Rose and Wild Fig.  The Wildflower Bergamot scent is citrus mixed with sandlewood and is very delicious, give it a try!

Earth Day fabulous style finds House of Marley
Sustainable … Tunes

Who knew that even your Bluetooth speaker could be sustainable? Thanks to House of Marley, this dream has come true. This portable, sustainably crafted audio system even has a built in battery and 8-hour playtime.

In Conclusion
It is safe to say that these products will serve you well way beyond Earth Day. This holiday is certainly a great reminder to shop mindfully, and we are happy to see so many of our favorite brands and retailers jumping on the cruelty-free bandwagon.
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–Melissa Berry aka Cancer Fashionista
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