Earning Your Stripes For Spring

I love stripes, I really do and while I am thrilled they are once again back on trend for spring, I am intrepid. Why? Well most stripes are just not that flattering. I always love a menswear inspired or boyfriend blue and white striped shirt, but that’s because the lines are usually vertical. So it got me thinking, what other striped items for spring I could find that are actually flattering – and thankfully I found quite a few.

The takeaway is that you should look for vertical stripes because it brings the eye down instead of side-to-side as with horizontal stripes. If you are a beanpole and have no chest to speak of, I say go for any kind of stripe you want, However, the rest of us mere mortals who have some body issues, should probably stick with flattering up and down lines. Personally, I will most likely always stay away from striped pants but that’s me. Also, feel free to mix stripes or wear more than one at a time if you are more daring. However, I prefer one striped item at a time. What can I say? I guess I’m still a little afraid of stripes. But I’m working on my fears.



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