Dropping In On eDrop-Off


Left to Right: Model & Corri Mcfadden

Carol and I attended a fantastic green themed party for eDrop-Off to celebrate their new location in Lincoln Park. eDrop-Off is eco-friendly because they recycle designer clothing and accessories. This 3,000 square foot epicenter is where Corrie Mcfadden, the founder of eDrop-Off and her team of passionate fashionistas call their, "home way from home."

I wish I could call their new office space by the same name! It's really gorgeous with its clean ebony and ivory color palette on the walls and counters, a floor to ceiling closet where all the designer and vintage goodies are stored, and mannequins all around, that showcase their creme de la creme pieces.


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So close yet so far!

I had to steady myself on a nearby chair since I almost passed out at the sight it all. I spotted several Chanel jackets, a Berkin bag, and Proenza Schouler dress that were just aching to be touched. Too bad I was separated from my loves by this pesky velvet rope which I'm sure was put there for luxury gropers like me.:) 


Office Space.

As for the party, it was chock full of fun surprises. For example, there was a photo-booth that had props like big red fish lips and bubble gum mustaches to wear to take silly picture! Carol and I couldn't stop laughing because we looked pretty ridiculous. Then there was a temporary tattoo station where you could choose all kinds of cute charms for your multi-strand pearl tattoo bracelet. I went a little crazy with the novelty of the idea and by the time I was finished I had about 20 charms around my wrist.


Charm Station.

By the end of the event, you pretty much had to pry me away from this stylish oasis. I really can't wait to check out their items online and hopefully "lift the velvet rope" on a few items I had my heart set. Thanks e-Drop Off for the fantastic party and welcome to the neighborhood!

-Yen Le

Photos: Second City Style

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