Dove For Children’s Sensitive Skin and Summer Suncare Tips

I first met Dove Pediatrician Dr. Jen Trachtenberg (we simply called Dr. Jen) at a Dove event this past winter. She was actually my lunch partner and we talked about my younger son’s skin rashes – among other things. Let’s face it, when you have a pediatrician sitting next to you, you are going to take full advantage. So she recommended I try Dove Sensitive Beauty Bar for my son’s skin and sure enough it worked! It’s mild, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free…no wonder it’s the #1 pediatrician recommended bar.

So earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit with her again one-on-one (not over lunch) to discuss summer skincare tips for our children. I know I am very careful to not only keep my kids safe from the sun, but choosy with the types of sunscreen I will put on them. I am willing to take extra caution to ensure my kids have a safe and fun time while taking in all of summer’s activities, yet I don’t want to make them (or me) nuts.



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Dr. Jen’s tips:

1. When buying a sunscreen for your kids, chose one with a physical barrier (like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) that doesn’t absorb into the skin and one that’s broad spectrum and protects against UVA as well as UVB rays. Any sunscreen over 30 SPF or over is fine. Dr. Jen likes Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, Sensitive, SPF 30+, $13.99. I use the kids stuff myself by the way – no need to buy and carry 4 different types (although I do use a different one for my face and lips).

2. Apply sunscreen to your children (and yourself) head-to-toe before you head out the door. For one, you will do a better job applying and you don’t run the risk of the kids taking off before they hit the water. Second, it gives it more time to absorb into the skin.

3. Remember to apply, apply, apply! You should reapply sunscreen to your children every 2-3 hours! And especially if they have been in the water.

4. How much should you be reapplying? An ounce or a shotglass full per person (little or large) every time. That means if your family of 4 is spending the day out at the beach, that 3 oz. tube should be empty by the end of the day. That was news to me! A tube can last me a few weeks! Whoops.

5. Think of suncare as layering, so be sure your kids (and you) wear sunglasses, swimshirts and hats.

6. Hydration is important! Try to hydrate before you head to the beach so your kids don’t get behind. Try to stay away from sugary and salty drinks which are more dehydrating and stick with water or foods with high water content. How much should they drink? It depends on the heat and their activity level but your child should have to pee every 4-6 hours.

7. Be sure you wash the sunscreen off your children every night. You do not want them to sleep with it on. It sounds like a plug I know, but Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar works like a charm. At least that’s what we use.


Here are some other kid safe sunscreen products you can consider.

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