DIY Nail Art With KISS At-Home Nail Art Kits

Nail Art, KISS Runway Nail Look As someone who typically wears Essie Mademoiselle on her nails, I am hardly what you would call a Nail Art kinda gal. I’ll have a nail or two done professionally, but doing it myself? Forget it! I can’t apply red nail polish to my own nails without making a disastrous mess. I have seen KISS kits at the drugstore but never picked one up, yet when a package of KISS Nails Art Kits arrived, I was eager to have at it/them.
Kiss Nail Kits
Look at all of this fun!
I’m going to admit my nails are super long right now, so I didn’t need/use the press on nails. Besides, I have bad memories of press-on nails from back in my late teenage years. It involved a night out of drinking and pulling up stockings…that’s all I’m going to say. Yet, the stick-on decals and all the glittery ones still caught my eye. KISS-Products-for-Erin-Fetherston-Fall-2015-NYFW-photo-by-Diane-Bondareff-1 KISS offers easy-to-use, all-in-one kits so one can achieve salon results at home. Today, the KISS line of products has expanded to include nail care, nail jewelry, nail art, manicure & pedicure tools as well as eyelash kits and even hair styling tools. When it comes to nails, they have everything you need to create some amazing salon-like results at home. KISS Nail-Artist, Paint-&-Stencil-Kit KISS-Salon-Secrets, Luxe-AccentsKISS-Salon-Secrets-Rococo-Veil-KitOne of my favorites is the Rococo Veil Kit (pictured above). The romantic and delicate designs can be applied directly to fresh clean nails or over your favorite nail color. The kit comes with 2 sheets of 3D effect decals, 1 sheet of rhinestone accents and a bottle of top coat to help them adhere and stay put. All for under $4! KISS-and-Broadway-Nails-for-Alon-Livné-Spring-2015---photos-by-Rocky-Luten1 There is even a kit that helps you create the look above! Here are some pics of my initial first attempts. I will try again! I am persistent and I will get better…I hope!
KISS Nail Art Gold
My attempt at gold.
My attempt at silver
My attempt at silver using the KISS Rococo Veil Kit
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