Designers to Watch. The Polished Passion of Noble Youth Spring '08

Atlantis Shirt – $164   @ Tangerine

Elm Cleopatra – $412 @ Tangerine
Blue Messerole Dress -$336  @ Tangerine
Azul South Ferry skirt – $238 @ Tangerine
Vanderbilt Dress in Poppy & Navy – $378.00 @ Tangerine 
It’s rumored that Noble Youth was born on a train, between destinations. And its this aesthetic of the in-between — neither boho or uptown, neither homage to a designer’s legacy nor a fit of les enfants terribles — that makes Noble Youth a refreshing addition to the fashion scene and your closet. Distinctively modern, Megan Quinn and Ned Shatzer designed a spring ’08 collection filled with pieces that still embrace history with a purposive edge. With a dignified nod towards an escape from the mundane,these pieces are designed for the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Available at Tangerine or if there’s not one on your block.
—Amy Ko

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