Celebrity Fashion. WTF Was She Thinking? Bad Celeb Fashion Week in Review.

Thank you God! Nothing makes us happier than a week filled with London events and Hot Coco (as in Ice T’s wife). We are equally thankful Brits continue to fight off stylists, because if they all started dressing well…where would we be? Seriously, it was hard culling these down…so we didn’t.

Zoe McLellan at the "Sleepwalking" premiere in NYC

Comment: Yes, this event was in NY where it is usually hard to find someone badly dressed at events, well unless they are in from L.A. Anyway, I just hate this dress. Paired with opaques and clunky black shoes just throws me over the edge.


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She’s thinking: I looked better with long hair and I can’t sit in this dress.

Coco signing autographs of her pictorial in Playboy in NYC

Comment: Ice T and Coco…there really is no finer combination. You have give kudos to Coco for her dedication to bad taste and all things tacky. In fact, you kinda have to love her for it. Her boobs, always prominantly on display, must make her husband proud indeed. We also love her super tight outfits. Herve Leger, you have have found your muse!

She’s thinking: I like big butts and I can not lie…

Raven-Symone at the Christian Audigier’s ONE WORLD show during LA Fashion Week in L.A.

Comment: The look on her face pretty much sums up this outfit. I don’t think I really need to explain what is wrong here…do I? This looks like something I might have worn in 1983. Was she even born yet?

She’s thinking: Don’t you take that picture until I’ve fixed my hair. Damn it! Don’t you listen?

Priscilla Lopez at the "In the Heights" Broadway Opening Night After Party in NYC

Comment: This has seriously got to be the ugliest dress I have ever seen. No really. I’m speechless. I would normally say something about the length of the dress hitting in a really bad place, but why bother? This dress just hits me in a really bad place. Like my gag reflex.

She’s thinking: Can you see me? I’m camouflaged!

Patsy Kensit at the TRIC Awards 2008 in London

Comment: Love the shoes, but Patsy, honey, I can see the top of your Spanx under your rather transparent dress. The huge duster does nothing for you or this outfit either.

She’s thinking: Are there any musicians here I can date? Marry? I’m looking for husband #4.

Goldie Hawn at The Film1 Rembrandt Awards in Amsterdam

Comment: Why is she wearing road kill? Goldie is sadly becoming a caricature of herself. Remember the movie "Death Becomes Her?" Scary, huh?

She’s thinking: I‘m still adorable. Right? Yes, I know I’m in my 60’s, but I’m still cute right?

Vicky Binns at the TRIC Awards 2008  in London

Comment: I had a friend growing up who made me watch "Coronation Street" on BBC every Sunday. It was torture. I couldn’t understand a word they said and when I did, I couldn’t relate to the total blue collar soap opera. Ab Fab was more my speed. I digress. Hate the dress and hate the square toed shoes with the dress. Her legs look like tree trunks and her dress is too tight which just makes her look heavier than she probably really is. Cute girl, bad outfit.

She’s thinking: I like to throw meself into everything I do. Including getting meself dressed for these here awards for the tele. Do you like my dress?

Jane Goldman at the Sci-Fi Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2008 in London

Comment: Being a paranormal investigator makes us understand the not so normal hair. But, it doesn’t mean we like it. Who even notices her clothes really?

She’s thinking: I just won the award for Best Sci-Fi. So screw you if you don’t like my hair! (touche)

-Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage

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