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Tchad Elliot, Chicago-based atelier, made a bold move this past Saturday night. After almost eight years of privately designing custom clothing and interiors for his loyal customer base he has decided to put himself and his designs into the limelight. His first step in introducing his work to the public was to have a small preview of his Spring 2008 Collection. The smattering of designs on display truly showed all of his talents, not only as a creative but also as an able craftsman. His talent can especially be seen in his cocktail dresses which are structured with what looks like a ruffle but is actually a detail formed from the dress. Elliot works on a wide range of designs from the structured   to garments that are looser and easier to wear. He does this in order to appeal to his customers who come in multiple age groups and styles. It is clear, however, that both lines are thoroughly Tchad’s with their classic lines and his unique look towards the traditional.


When I spoke with Elliot it was easy to notice his excitement and exuberance upon sharing his work with others, and in turn his guests were equally enthused. Even though he has defied the odds of surviving on talent and word of mouth references alone, he realizes that it is time to move on and is ready to take on the larger work load. Right now that work load includes preparing for his full spring fashion show he expects to take place in April. Since Elliot does all his patterning making and the majority of sewing, he has his work cut out for him.


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Tchad and guests:
Lisa, Tchad, & "The Wardrobe Coach", Bridget Smith.

When asked what his plans are for after the fashion show he says that he is ready to introduce his clothing to boutiques. Along with his ideas of selling clothing to local boutiques you can expect his Web site to hit the internet soon ( If you would like to contact Tchad email him at [email protected].

– Bonnie Brown

Photos: Michele Lopatin

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