Designer Dish Update. Esteban Cortazar Reconciles With Ungaro?


Reports have been flying around for weeks about designer Esteban Cortazar's public riff with fashion house Emanual Ungaro, where he's been head designer since 2007. After the house announced it was looking for a celebrity to help revitalize the label's image, and that Lindsay Lohan was at the top of their list, Cortazar allegedly left the house in a huff. He seemed to burn all bridges by later suing the label, which was settled out of court. Yet lo and behold, all problems seem to be forgotten. At least for the moment. Cortazar surprised fashion media by showing up at the Ungaro menswear show in Paris last week and actually seemed friendly with his rival in the Ungaro riff, chief executive officer Mounir Moufarrige. But was this a sincere show of affection or strictly a media play? It seems only time will tell. When asked to touch on his current relations with the label, Cortazar noted, "For now, I am here. "

Article Source: WWD, newyorkmag
Photo Source: newyorkmag
-Alia Rajput

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