Anna Sui for Target's 'Gossip Girl' Collection Takes Cues from Former Runway Looks

Last week Anna Sui's camp leaked out a few of the looks that will make up her upcoming 'Gossip Girl'-themed collection for Target. The pieces, all priced under $50, will be divided into sub groups of style, each matching an image of the sassy characters on the show. So far the 'Serena', 'Blair', 'Vanessa', and 'Jenny' ensembles seem comprised of high-collared, lacy dresses, 60s mod sheaths, and classic school girl chic—an apparent homage to the prep school vixens but how original are these designs? A closer look at the collection revealed some surprisingly similar elements between Sui's collection for target and some former runway looks for her namesake luxury line.

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A dress from Anna Sui's Fall 2006 runway show looks strikingly similar to one of her 'Serena' dresses for the upcoming Target collection.

3232_i3_anna sui
Another dress from the Anna Sui Fall 2006 runway show matches designs with a 'Vanessa' dress from the Anna Sui for Target collection.

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A blue patterned dress from the Fall 2006 runway show seemed to serve as inspiration for a blue, belted 'Blair' dress from the Target collection.

Sui's iconic "pirate dress" from her Spring 2007 runway show reprised in a similar Anna Sui for Target 'Jenny' dress.

Anna Sui's runway-inspired collection for Target will debut in September—just in time for the new season of the girly drama-filled sitcom— but will only be available for about a month in stores and online.

Article and Photo Source: nylon, newyorkmag

-Alia Rajput

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