Designer Dish. Someone Else is Suing Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

The legal troubles of Alexander Wang have not yet seen their end. After allegations surfaced last week that the designer was running a sweatshop in New York’s Chinatown and was being sued by at least 30 of his employees, a new plaintiff has surfaced with a fresh batch of complaints. Former employee Flor Duante, a 48-year-old single mother of three, has filed her own suit against the designer, claiming she was forced to work more than 90 hours a week in Wang’s sweatshop. The $50 million lawsuit filed a week ago by former emplyee Wenyu Lu and dozens of other employees was left open by the Queens Supreme Court for “other similarly situated” people to come forward.
Duante joins Lu and the original set of plaintiffs in saying that they were fired from the company after making claims to obtain their workers compensation. New York Magazine reported that Gawker paid a visit to the alleged site of the sweatshop at 386 Broadway in Manhattan but didn’t find anything to report on. Gawker was referred to the company’s press rep by the comapny’s CFO Mark Greene and Wang’s rep could still not be reached for comment. So as it stands, its anyone’s game to make assumptions. Let’s hope Wang comes forward to clear the air soon, or else risk a seriously tainted reputation.
-Alia Rajput
Article Source: New York Post, NY Mag, Gawker
Photo Source: NY Mag

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