Designer Dish. Martin Margiela Rumored to Have Left His Label

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Margiela's iconic wig coats last summer       The less exciting Fall 2009 show

Just before the Fall 2009 fashion shows it was announced that the namesake of fashion house Maison Martin Margiela was stepping down as head designer and was adopting a "part time consulting role" for the brand. Several months later, loyal fans of French designer Margiela are wondering if he still has any influence at all. Following the eccentric and widely talked about shows the designer turned out during most of last year, the Fall 2009 collection was much more bland and critics claimed as highly disappointing. So where is Martin Margiela and his uniquely signature taste? A member of the label's design team claimed recently that, "He has not been present since last season."


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Rumored to have been unhappy with the direction his line was going in under Diesel, parent company to the brand since 2002, Margiela may have up and left his own label altogether. And if that is the case, there may be more departures to follow. The JC Report stated, "Margiela and his Italian sales agent had created a pact very early on that if one left the company then the other would follow. Given Margiela's vocal dissatisfaction with Diesel's marketing approach and commercial distribution, it seems clear that the two are taking joint steps away from each other." Will this be the end of Martin Margiela and his crazy wig coats we have all come to know and love? If so, we sincerely hope he is able to find another outlet to let his quirky, creative genius thrive.

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-Alia Rajput

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  1. Where is Maison Martin Margiela?!
    Seriously, although his Fall 09 was less extravagant than his past shows and collections,
    he seemed like hes off the map with his company
    But it wont stop me from buying his label.


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