Derek Lam + eBay Are In The Neighborhood!

Last week I had a great time with hosts Derek Lam and Rachel Bilson (who was gorgeous in Lam’s new floaty boho dress) at Derek’s fabulous block party! What a fun time as the weather finally warms up for summer here in Manhattan. The party was a beautiful event outside of Soho’s Derek Lam store. The whole area was turned into an indoor/outdoor fete packed with cocktails, yummy food trucks full of treats, and the new collection for guests to try on and order at little computer kiosks! Some other big fans of the designer such as Rose Byrne, Zoe Kravitz, Maryna Linchuk and DJ Salvatore Morale were spotted that night as well.

The party Launched Lam’s first ever eBay exclusive collection! After showing in New York’s fashion week this February, the power was handed over to the people, and the opportunity was given for everyone to vote on their favorite dresses to be produced! The collection includes the shift dress, the black tie dress, the sundress, the boho dress, and the chemise dress. These were the most voted on pieces, plus the T-shirt dress (which was announced just a few days ago… and is exclusively available through eBay fashion iphone app!). Prices run from $125 to $295… scoop ‘em up now while you can!

-Alyssa Buishas
Photos: Second City Style

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