I Can't Believe I Want The Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull, But I Do!


Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull

Truth be told, I have not really wanted a Louis Vuitton bag in years. When I was younger (as in the mid 80’s) I had a few. There weren’t really as many must-have designer bags like there are today. Also, let’s face it, carrying a brown bag doesn’t really go with my mostly black accessory friendly wardrobe and over the years I have come to really loath logo bags. They just aren’t me. Yet, for some reason, the light-weight Louis Vuitton Neverfull speaks to me. Yes, it was on my recent Mother’s Day wish list. Busted. Did I get it? No.
However, where I live on the Upper East Side, LV Neverfulls are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere! Which makes me actually want one even less. When Louis Vuitton recently came out with their “Mon Monogram” option I thought, if they ever offer monogramming for the Neverfull I will consider it. Alas it was originally only offered on the Keepall duffle, Pegase suitcase and Speedy bag. Then a few months ago I started spotting monogrammed Neverfulls on the streets and now I am thinking about them again.
So last week, I had some time to kill before an event and ducked into the the Louis Vuitton shop at Saks where a very helpful sales associate spent 10 minutes helping me pick out a combination I actually love. First, I thought I wanted the MM (medium size), but I quickly changed my mind and decided I would need the GM (large size). I pack a lot of stuff! Also, knowing how I am when given too many options I had thought there would be no way I could ever decide on a color combination I could commit to. Not in a month much less 10 minutes…but I did. There were samples there for me to see and touch which aided in my online combination selections. For instance I love purple, but would not want it on my bag. I also liked  the yellow more than I thought I would as it was more of a golden yellow.
You can chose two colors for your stripes, 4 combinations how you would like the stripes to appear, and how you would like your initials (2 or 3) to be displayed. You may also pick the color of your lining, but it has to be one of the stripe colors.
Which combination did I chose? Well you’ll just have to wait to see me walking down the street or at an event with mine…one day soon I hope!
Currently Mon Monogram Louis Vuitton for the Neverfull is not available online, but you can get the Neverfull monogrammed in stores. Besides, I would recommend you go in person to make your bag. The samples will help you avoid making a mistake.
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. Hey
    I love the 2 louis Vuitton Neverfulls – especially the one with the pink lining.
    I am also planing on getting a Neverfull, so I wanted to ask you, how much the monograming/personalizing of the bag costs?


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