Dailey Method’s New Dailey Cycle Is Definitely Up To Speed!

dailey-cycle You could ask the question, “Does the Dailey Method really need to offer a cycling class since they already have such a good thing going with their barre classes?” That’s what I thought but I’ll tell you the answer most certainly is “Yes!” This class is here just in time to keep you healthy during the holiday season, rather than waiting for a New Years Resolution. I am a fan of The Dailey Method’s fitness classes, which combine athletic ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching and orthopedic exercises with inspiring instructors like Tami Conway, owner of The Dailey Method Bucktown.
Tami Conway
I took a class at the brand new cycling studio last week and immediately I was impressed with the bikes themselves. The Stages Cycling bikes felt smaller and more streamlined than other spinning bikes. Next I was quickly motivated with Tami’s upbeat instruction, the music and the meditation segments. When I closed my eyes I actually worked harder! There were no weights used in the workout, yet I felt I got a total body workout. After the invigorating class I asked Tami how the class is different than other cycling classes. The answer is The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form. “Our cycle class is totally unique in its focus on an alignment based cardio workout and provides client with a sense of one-on-one focus.” She told me. “We are excited to offer a safe, energetic, calorie-burning workout under the same roof as our barre classes.” And how should we work in the cycling with the barre classes? Tami suggests taking 2 of the 45 minute cycling classes with 3 days of barre per week, or you can do 3 cycling and 2 barre. The warm environment and friendly staff at the Daily Method Bucktown offers a wonderful workout environment – and childcare too! Dailey Cycle Single Class: $25 | 5 Pack: $110 | 10 Pack:  $200 |20 Pack: $360 | Unlimited Month: $225 | Unlimited Core Cycle: $175 | Unlimited Barre and Cycle:  $209 dailey-cycle-spin-group-photo About The Dailey Method The Dailey Method’s hallmark is its proprietary, challenging one-hour fitness class, which combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching, and orthopedic exercises.  The classes effectively strengthens, tones, and lengthens the entire body while focusing on alignment to insure a safe workout for all clients.  The Dailey Method® started 12 years ago in San Francisco, CA and has evolved to become the safest, most effective way to help people achieve their best personal physique. The Dailey Method® 1715 N. Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60647 773.904.8913 Visit The Dailey Method Chicago – Bucktown – Carol Calacci Photos: The Dailey Method and Second City Style Class provided for review.  

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