Core Fusion Co-Founder Fred DeVito Class At exhale Chicago

Fred DeVito co-creator of Core Fusion was at exhale in Chicago this week, and I had the opportunity to meet him and take his Master Barre Class! Together with his wife Elisabeth Halfpapp they developed Core Fusion, which focuses on isolated exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture. Their core-centric classes leave no muscle unworked! Read more about Core Fusion from Lauren’s experience on Second City Style.
I have tried a number of other barre classes and personally think they are an excellent way to tone and strengthen your body without injury. In fact, these classes can get you in shape to keep you from injury when you do other activities.
Fred told me back in the early 80s he and his wife started teaching the Lottie Berk Method. Lotte Berk was a modern dancer who back in the 60s, did focused rehabilitation in order to heal her own dance injuries and developed this method. Many of instructors who started the barre studios you see cropping up all over Chicago originally trained with Frank and Elisabeth. He told me he thinks it’s exciting that form of exercise is now so widespread. And I was excited to take a class from one of the originators!

Fred DeVito at exhale Chicago

Fred’s Core Fusion Barre class was fast paced as we moved from floor to bar and used small wights, bands and bricks. Some of the moves were very much like ballet and Pilates, but you don’t have to have any special training to take this class. Fred knew how to say all the right things at the right time to keep us going throughout the class. He also gave us any necessary adjustments and cheered us on.
Now is the perfect time, before the holidays, and before you make New Year’s resolutions, to try Core Fusion Barre. You’ll get a jump start on getting lean, toned and can indulge a bit more during the holidays guilt-free! Visit exhale today.
– Carol Calacci
Photos: exhale and Second City Style

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  1. Hi Carol!!!
    Your cousin Krissy here! I know Fred and take classes at the Exhale in Dallas, which is just down the street from me! Absolutely batty to see your face pop up on my facebook feed since Fred shared your write up. You look gorgeous and as fit as ever! See you this summer, stay warm till then. XOXOX


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