Christian Louboutin and Bella Freud Team Up for Footwear-Inspired Apparel Line

A Louboutin sketch for the Bella Fred collection

Here's a new, neat collab. British designer Bella Freud is teaming up with footwear aficionado Christian Louboutin to create a capsule collection of knits for autumn/winter 2011. Inspired by the concept of fetishism (ooh la la!), Louboutin sketched a series of footwear drawings that Freud will transform into knitted dresses and sweaters for the cold weather season.

"Christian and I have been friends for 20 years now and he is godfather to my son Jimmy," Freud told Vogue UK. "I have often admired his drawings and I wanted to use some to put on my knitwear. I love the way a drawing comes to life when it is reinterpreted in another medium. On a knit it you get the sense of someone having actually drawn it, rather than it being a computer generated image."


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Keeping in step with the fetish idea, the apparel collection will be made using 100 per cent  merino cash-wool in a flirty palette of black and green, with hints of Lurex glitter. "I have always loved Bella's jumpers, so I couldn't have been happier when she asked me to give her drawings which, Bella thought, would look great once knitted," Louboutin added. "Go Bella, go!" Look for the collection starting mid-July.

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: Vogue UK

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