Chicago News. Second City Fashion for First Timers.


WWD ran this profile of Chicago designer Kate Coxworth today. They ask, "Why would a twentysomething technical designer for Polo Ralph Lauren leave New York to launch a line of tailored women’s shirts in Chicago?"

Well, we know! Chicago might not be the number two city on the American fashion scene yet, but we certainly are up-and-coming! Like Coxworth points out, the city is making an effort. "Mayor Daley created a Mayor’s Fashion Advisory Council, appointed a city director for fashion arts and events and sponsored an annual Chicago Fashion Week."


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Coxworth does more than half of her business through her website, but the city’s initiatives have helped her significantly. Coxworth became one of six local designers chosen to participate in the first Chicago Fashion Incubator housed at Macy‘s on State Street, where she shares office space and has access to buyers. She also has profited by city-sponsored shows, like Gen Art’s Shop CHICago and the One of a Kind Show and Sale at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. How’s that for helping a designer get her start!

Despite some drawbacks, like the spread of the fashion business across the city and the less-than-New-York pace of things, Coxworth’s happy here in the Second City. "To get this much attention from people who can help you and want to help you is unlike any other place in the country." We’re happy to have her, and designers like her!

Check out Kate’s line of blouses, Kate Boggiano, here.

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