Designer Handbags. Get Luxury Bags for Less at Bluefly

I love designer handbags as much, no, maybe more than the next girl. However, I have news for you. If you are buying your bags on eBay, chances are they are fake. Seriously. I am a firm believer if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck. So if you honestly think that $500 leather Prada bag you bid on is real, you are delusional. Over 70% of the designer wares on eBay are fake, so why wouldn’t your bag be? You just threw away $500 hard earned smackeroos and you would have faired better in Chinatown or your friend’s purse party. At least you would have spent far less on that pleather bag. Come on, raise of hands…who hasn’t been duped on Ebay? Mind you, I’m a total eBay addict, but not for designer bags (vintage bags are another story).

So what’s a gal to do who has a penchant for the real deal, but doesn’t want to pay retail? Check out Bluefly! I am continuously amazed at the selection of drool worthy designer bags they sell at 20-40% off retail.

Now when it comes to buying an investment worthy bag (and for some of us a closet full of $2,000 bags is a pipe dream) make sure it’s neutral enough so you can carry it to death and for years. Also invest more money in a tote or large enough bag that is practical for every day use…not a clutch (you can skimp there). Then sell it on eBay…once it’s trashed. Believe me, someone will snap it up for a few hundred dollars to put towards your next designer bag.


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Let’s take a look at the current Bluefly designer bag offerings shall we?


Yves Saint Laurent Grey Croc Embossed Nubuck ‘Overseas’ Large Tote
retail value: $1,895
bluefly: $1,516 (20% off)


Derek Lam Distressed Black Leather ‘Esmeralda’ Large Tote
retail value: $1,950
bluefly: $1,560


Yves Saint Laurent Grey Ombré Goatskin ‘Rive Gauche’ Large Tote
retail value: $1,995
bluefly: $1,596 (Save 20%)

Prada Light Grey Shirred Lambskin Small Bowler Bag
retail value: $2,175
bluefly: $1,740

Gucci Black Coated Twill ‘Snow Glam’ Bowler Bag
retail value: $2,190
bluefly: $1,752


Valentino Gold Metallic Leather Bow Detail Tote
retail value: $1,895
bluefly: $1,516

Miu Miu Light Brown Leather Front Pocket Tote
retail value: $1,445
bluefly: $1,156 (Save 20%)


Yves Saint Laurent Blue Calfskin and Canvas ‘Downtown’ Large Tote
retail value: $1,795
bluefly: $1,436 (Save 20%)

Prada Black Lambskin ‘Nappa Stripes’ Large Tote
retail value: $2,180
bluefly: $1,744

Find other designer Bluefly bags here!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

1 thought on “Designer Handbags. Get Luxury Bags for Less at Bluefly”

  1. Girl, you speak da troof! I would hazard a guess that closer to 90% of the handbags on Ebay are fakes. I had an interesting exchange with a seller, who really believed his bags were the real thing. There are some really sneaky suppliers out there.
    Zipper quality is one of the best indicators of a fake handbag. They should open and close as if lubricated.
    Go Bluefly!


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