Chicago Events. The Grand Reopening of BICE Restaurant

It takes a lot to impress Chicago foodies. With the city boasting some of the finest fare in the country, Chicago’s collective palette has become one of exquisite taste, reticent to show affection to just anyone. So for an establishment to have survived the ebb and flow of the city’s restaurant industry—and not only survive, but thrive—for the past 85 years, they clearly know what they’re doing. Such is the case with BICE, an tastefully elegant space in The Talbott Hotel boasting authentic and celebrated Northern Italian cuisine.
Interior of the newly re-opened BICE
Interior of the newly reopened BICE
Interior of the newly reopened BICE
Having established a reputation over the past eight decades, the BICE Group recently decided to undergo a little revamping to usher in the season. Now that the “rinascita” or “rebirth” is complete, the restaurant offered us a deliciously exclusive look at what’s been renewed, tweaked and— perhaps most importantly—what has stayed the same. The incredible preparation of the food, for one, remains just as authentic and flavorful. Guests nibbled on coconut shrimp, risotto, gnocchi and ravioli before being presented with a staggering array of cannolis and other Italian pastries, all compliments of Executive Chef, Mario Camia. A five star Michelin chef, Chef Camio was brought to Chicago by way of Barolo, Italy. Camia has served in the finest kitchens across the country, including Grotta Azzura (NYC), Il Mulino (Sunny Isles Beach, FL), Il Gabbiano (Miami, FL) and Hotel Biltmore (Coral Gables, FL), and Chicago is lucky to have him. His true Italian dishes reflect his passion for the culinary craft.
Live music plays at the reopening party at BICE
delicious cannolis at the dessert table
As for the space, previously BICE Bistro, the new BICE has expanded its grounds to accommodate more guests al fresco, featuring the largest outdoor piazza in Chicago. BICE’s newly expanded outdoor piazza will offer a skillful mix of traditional dishes and contemporary trends in Italian cuisine, flavored with both local and seasonal ingredients. Take a peek at the fresh, savory dishes on BICE’s new lunch and dinner menus (below). As Chicago’s summer starts to unfold, the exquisite cuisine and premium location is sure to make the newly reopened BICE restaurant one of the most coveted seats in the city.
Guests at the BICE reopening party: Andrea Chappelle (Triple Crown Creative), Christy Howell, Ryan Beshel (Chief Wordsmith for The Darling Company) and Maria Noll (Manager for Sequin Chicago)
Guests at the BICE reopening: Rachel Swanz (Entertaining Company), Ryan Beshel (Chief Wordsmith for The Darling Comapny), Katie McLenaghan, Julie Darling (Founder of The Darling Company) and Michael Dolan
Guests at the BICE reopening: Alia Rajput (Senior Fashion Editor at Second City Style), Rachel Schwanz (Entertaining Company) and Jennifer Sutton (Operations Manager for SCE)





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  -Alia Rajput   Photo Source: Second City Style, Katie McLenaghan  

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