Chicago Events: Charlotte Tilbury Excites Fans at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue

Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist, Nordstrom With over 20 years in the makeup artistry business, Charlotte Tilbury knows a thing or two about creating a beautiful look. The artist behind iconic looks from Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Kate Middleton, Natalie Portman, Rihanna and many other superstars, celebrities and models holds a power like no other. Tilbury visited Nordstrom on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue to take us through each individual piece of her collection and talk a little about the upcoming Norman Parkinson collaboration hitting stateside. Putting on the makeup is a breeze. Each Charlotte Tilbury powder and color is a silky smooth formula, making it lightweight to the skin and easy to blend. “I want people to be able to feel like I am right there with them, helping them put on their makeup,” Tilbury said. “Beauty shouldn’t be exclusive.” It would be hard to talk about how I love everything about the line, so I can tell you a bit about my top three favorite products. If you have them, you’ll know exactly what I mean, and if not, these are the ones you’ll instantly be a fan over.
Charlotte Tilbury at Nordstrom
Tilbury bases each palette on each of these looks.
Eyes to Mesmerise in “Cleopatra” I’m not a big eyeshadow person. In actuality, I only wear my usual black cat-eyeliner but this is the one to make you a believer in 2-minute eyes. And this vibrant peacock blue hue can easily go from “desk to dusk” with its smoky finish. “This new to market cream-to-sheen formula is a dream for makeup artists and makeup novices alike,” Tilbury said. “Backstage, I used to mix a balm to create the perfect wet look eye … but in reality, this would not endure real life wear. Now I have the ultimate liquid-cream high-sheen formulation which gives you intense color without creasing.” Magic Cream SPF 15 Yes, this is the one you’ve read about. The “push-up bra in a jar”. Once a Tilbury secret recipe for those who partied all night and still had a runway to walk the next morning, this cream instantly gained cult status before it even hit the market. This cream fights the aging process, adds a luminous touch and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, all while adding instant hydration to the skin without feeling oily. “I would have people backing me into a corner, demanding to know what was in it,” Tilbury laughed. “I couldn’t tell them… then why would they hire me again?!” Supermodel Body Okay, yeah… we all haven’t been working on our beach body like we should. But this helps conceal all the work we missed out on for legs that go on for days. A formula that Tilbury used for a certain set of heavenly lingerie models, it’s official title is “Gisele in a bottle” (yes, there’s a lot of Tilbury items you can get in a bottle). This shimmering bronze product firms and smooths the contours on your limbs with the same art principles applied to photography and body makeup contouring. You can find Charlotte Tilbury’s line at Nordstrom online and in-store, Bergdorf Goodman online and in-store and Charlotte Tilbury, beauty bags Charlotte Tilbury, Nordstom, Chicago June 2015 Charlotte Tilbury at Nordstom, Makeup
Charlotte Tilbury, Taneisha Jordan Willou, Second City Style
Charlotte couldn’t have been sweeter!
– Taneisha Jordan Willour

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