Celebrity Style: The Sporty To Style Transition – Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel

When we think of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, we first think of great actresses on film and TV. And then we think of their casual and sporty style. After all, Cameron Diaz has a muscular physique and loves to surf, Jennifer Aniston won’t go a day without her boyfriend jeans, Jennifer Garner was known as an action star before she wed Ben Affleck, and Jessica Biel was a bona fide tomboy and athletic junkie on ‘7th Heaven’.
So when Cameron Diaz started adding skirts and makeup, Jennifer Aniston dabbled in blazers, Jennifer Garner put on skirts and dresses, and Jessica Biel became a fashion plate, we all did a double take. Why the sudden style savvy-ness? Does it have to do with age? Character? Getting older? Wanting to feel younger? Or in the case of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel, it could even have to do with the significant other.
Regardless of the reasoning, these girls have done a style 180 in the past couple of years and we’ve stood up and taken notice. Here’s how they’ve made the transition.
Cameron Diaz
We all know Cameron Diaz is one of the most athletic celebrities around. She counts surfing as one of her many sports-related hobbies and she’s coming out with a book on health and wellness just in time for her 40th birthday. The sporty side of Cameron seems to trickle down into her clothing, whether its stripping down to a sports bra at an NYC bash or owning an array of casual t-shirts and tanks. Cameron would obviously rather be seen in denim than designer duds, so when she chooses to dress up a bit more, we all take notice. The thing is, despite dressing very sporty almost all the time, Diaz does know how to dress ultra-feminine and flirty when the occasion calls. She likes tops with feminine details such as ruffles or floral, colorful bags and scarves, or tight fitting jeans that show off her assets. We know that she’s sporty, but when Cameron Diaz wants to do dressy, she can pull it off without a second thought.
Jennifer Aniston
Perhaps Jennifer Aniston is a bit of the opposite. For some reason, slim-fitting dresses when she does wear them, don’t look the same on this former ‘Friends’ star as they do on her pal Cameron Diaz. Aniston, despite wearing flowery dresses and slim-fitting shifts, still seems to carry on that tomboyish character with an athletic twist. You’re more likely to see her in a casual white top and black leather jacket than you are a Karl Lagerfeld dress. While Aniston does know how to dress up for the occasion with a double breasted blazer here or an interesting print there, she’s obviously more comfortable in tennis shoes or sporty wedges than she is in sky-high heels.
Jennifer Garner
While Jennifer Garner has slowly eased into her her skirts and dresses, we’re definitely more akin to her action star suiting than we are to her Lanvin frocks. Perhaps that’s why we make such a big deal when she does dress up in a red carpet gown or a designer top. While she prides herself on her preppy style (it happened while she was pregnant!) Garner certainly knows how to make the transition from casual mom to classy red carpet event diva whether she’s dripping in Atelier Versace or padding around in loafers and a grandma sweater. Grandma sweaters aside, Garner does seem more comfortable in boot cut denim than she does in Valentino gowns but we do like when she tries to play up her sporty style just a tad with a peasant top or a print blouse and a pair of beaded flip flops.
Jessica Biel
Remember when Jessica Biel first came on the scene in the CW show ‘7th Heaven’? She loved her sneakers, preferred showing off her well-cut biceps in sleeveless sporty tanks and liked to rock her wide-leg bellbottoms. Well, we’re sure she still loves those trends, but this ‘Total Recall’ star currently prides herself on sexing up her looks and breaking into fashion. Does fiance Justin Timberlake have something to do with it? Perhaps. Whatever the case, we much prefer her Giambattista Valli gowns and Stuart Weitzman booties to her Adidas leggings and Nike shoes. And perhaps that’s why we put her on the bottom of this list. Because Jessica Biel has made the biggest sport to style transition of all. Just check out her latest look up top: an orange Feel The Piece sweatshirt, black skinnies, lace-up oxford heels and a Fendi bag! It doesn’t get any more stylish than that!
–Simona Kogan
Photos: People.com
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