Celebrity Style: The Sexy Fashion Evolution of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Fashion 2015 Rachel Zoe is one of the power stylists of 2015, but she can no longer count Jennifer Lawrence as one of her clients. Back in March, Zoe associates Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson parted ways with Zoe and it’s been reported that JLaw followed. While the move happened more than 6 months ago, it’s only being reported now as we’ve started to notice that Lawrence’s style has turned sexier than usual for the Hunger Games press tour. Whether this is because of the Dior brand’s suddenly sexy runway collection or the fact that Jennifer has new stylists remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure — Jennifer Lawrence isn’t dressing as conservatively as she used to. Jennifer Lawrence circa 2013 While Lawrence has for years been known to be quite the fashion forward chick (remember that Calvin Klein column dress at the 2011 Oscars?) she was also fairly conservative, even as she became the face of Dior and began to wear mostly Dior pieces on the red carpet. Back in 2013 at the premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Jennifer wore a Christian Dior dress with a multicolored beaded skirt. Sure, the dress was backless, but this seemed to appeal more to JLaw’s fashion risk-taking then it did to her sex appeal. The pixie cut was cute by boyish and the front of the dress was high neck. Since this moment, many of Jennifer’s gowns have been fashion forward, with small moments of skin showing, but they haven’t been quite so risque. Jennifer Lawrence circa 2015 In one of her rare non-Dior style moments, Jennifer wore an A.L.C. Spring 2016 top and skirt to a Hollywood hand and foot print ceremony for the Hunger Games. While some skin peeked through just above the skirt and the skirt’s light fabric almost made it see-through, this was another of Jennifer’s fashion forward looks that was not quite so sexy. In fact, no one really knew what was just around the corner. At The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 premiere in Berlin, Germany, Jennifer Lawrence was a striking Dior girl in deep purple, wearing a plunging v-neck gown with cutaway sleeves. It was the most cleavage we’ve seen her dare to bare in a while. Was it a turning point in the sexy fashion evolution of Jennifer Lawrence? Certainly. Especially after what came next. At the London premiere, Jennifer continued her sexy streak, wearing another Christian Dior number, this time in print with side chains that showed off LOTS of skin. It was no longer just side boob — it was side chest! It was a Jennifer Lawrence unlike one we’ve ever seen. While she’s always been a pro at wearing numbers that show off skin in unique ways (off the back and now off the side) this was on a whole new level. And this was also the moment the word questioned who were stylists were — and learned it was no longer Rachel Zoe. Would Zoe have dressed her in such a strikingly sexy number? Or was Raf Simmons and the Christian Dior label to blame? This remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the sexy style evolution of Jennifer Lawrence has proven to be quite promising! – Simona Shemer

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